Parent's Night Out is a completely FREE opportunity we provide for our community.  We know it is hard to be a parent, and we want to help take some of the stress away!

So on the 3rd Friday of every month, from 5pm to 8pm, we will watch your kids for you, hosting them in a fun and safe environment, while you as a parent can take the time to do whatever: go on a date, get some errands done, or just plain relax...whatever you want to do!


We know the safety of your children is very important to you, and it is to us a well.  All of our Parents' Night Out staff are trained and are individuals we know well and can vouch for their character.  Each of them have also had federal and state background checks done, just to be certain.  The safety of your children is our primary concern!


3rd Friday of every month



PNO will be back as soon as it is safe for us to do so.



Our staff are all volunteers from our church who have proven themselves over time.  Several of our ladies are grandparents and even great grandparents, so they have years of experience with children.  Also, 3 of our volunteers have or are working in the Monmouth area schools.  One is retired after years of service, while Pastor Brian and his wife Carrie both currently work at Central Intermediate School here in Monmouth.  With all this experience, you can trust your children will be in good hands!


We desire Parents' Night Out to be a fun and exciting experience your kids will never forget, and want to come back to every month!  We will have stations set up around the main areas of the church, always under the watchful eyes of our volunteers.  We will have areas focusing arts and crafts, games, a movie room, and eating area.  If the weather permits, we also take everyone outside for outdoor games, jump rope, and chalk drawing, among other things.  One thing is certain: there will be plenty to do!

Feel free to drop your kids off for the full time period or even for just part of it.  The only thing we ask is you sign up to reserve your spot beforehand, so we can know how many children to prepare for.  Signing up is easy!


Just email, text, or call Pastor Brian today at

(618) 314-4056, or  Hope to see you and your kids at our next Parents' Night Out!